Pool Rules

A lifeguard must be in attendance while the pool is in use.

No child shall be permitted to enter the pool without supervision unless he/she can demonstrate his/her ability upon request to swim one width of the pool, without any flotation devices or assistance.

Children in diapers MUST follow the “Three Layers of Protection” policy.

  • Layer 1: Disposable swim diaper
  • Layer 2: Tight-fitting, waterproof swim diaper cover
  • Layer 3: Bathing suit

The three layers are intended to keep all of our members safe and to prevent unplanned pool closures due to sanitation problems.  We recommend that all children take frequent bathroom breaks.

An adult of at least 16 years of age MUST supervise children 12 years and under in the pool area.

An adult MUST accompany non-swimmers in the water and must be within arms reach at all times.

No diving allowed anywhere in the pool

Jumping is only from the white gutters, not from deck. Jumping into the channel is not permitted.

Only Coast Guard approved flotation devices or blue belts may be used for non-swimmers.

Lap lane swimmers shall follow circle swimming etiquette

Outside shoes and strollers are not permitted on the pool deck.

All persons must shower with warm water and soap before entering the pool.

Persons with severe infections or open cuts are not permitted in the water.

Spitting, blowing the nose, and spouting in the pool in prohibited.

Piggy back games such as “chicken fighting” shall not be permitted.

Flips, backwards jumping, twirlers or running and jumping are not permitted.

Bandages and bobby pins are not permitted in the pool.

Running, horseplay, smoking, food, beverage, inflatable toys, cell phones or glass containers are not allowed in the pool area or locker rooms.

Recreational use of kickboards and throwing toys is prohibited.

No throw toys allowed; baby toys allowed in zero-entry only.

Cut-offs, t-shirts, and disposable diapers are not permitted in the pool.

Only one person is allowed on the slide at a time.

Non-swimmers and anyone wearing a flotation device are prohibited on the slide.

No hanging on the lane lines.

Children 6 years or older must change in their gender appropriate locker rooms or the family changing room.

The Aquatic Staff reserves the right to enforce any rule necessary to maintain the health and safety of all patrons.

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