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  • Free One Week Fitness Trial

    Now is the prefect time to get fit.  Come to the Recreation Center for a free one week trial of our All-Inclusive Individual or Family Membership.  This offer is only available to new members and includes: all fitness classes (except yoga), Wellness Center, lap swim, recreation swim, and child sitting (90 minute limit).  One free SPIN® and TRX class are also included with this trial.  You may sign up if you are already a member, but would like to try a free SPIN® and TRX class.  Members with a SPIN®/TRX add-on are ineligible.   There is a limit of one trial per person/family and you are ineligible for program discounts.

  • Free Child Sitting Now Available for All-Inclusive Family Members

    We are so happy to announce that free child sitting is now available for all-inclusive family members.  Little ones play in a large child sitting room under the guidance of a babysitter while parents swim laps, work out in the Wellness Center, enjoy a group fitness class or jog along our outdoor trails. There is a 90-minute limit.  Click here for details.