Lifeguard Training Course – Pool & Waterfront (ages 15+)

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Become a certified lifeguard in just six days.  Students (must be 15 by the last class) will learn the duties and responsibilities of a lifeguard and how to carry them out in a professional manner.  They will learn a number of lifeguard techniques such as surveillance, rescue procedures, and how to care for someone who may have a head, neck or back injury.  Participants must pass a pre-course skills test and attend all classes in order to obtain certification.  Please note that all fees include a $25 nonrefundable deposit in the event that a participant does not pass the pre-course skills test and is ineligible for the training program.



April 9 – April 13
Barlow Mountain Pool
Sunday – Thursday 10:00-5:30 pm
$350 members, $380 non-members (5 classes)


Pre-Course Skills Test:
April 1, Saturday 1:00-3:00 pm
Recreation Center Pool
Registration Deadline: March 29



August 14 – August 18
Barlow Mountain Pool
Monday – Friday 10:00-5:30 pm
$350 members, $380 non-members (5 classes)


Pre-Course Skills Test:
August 11, Friday 9:00-11:00 am
Recreation Center Pool
Registration Deadline: August 7


Skills Tested:

•  Perform a 550 yard continuous swim using the front crawl, breaststroke or a combination of both.  Swim goggles are allowed.

• Tread water for 2 minutes without support and without stopping.  When treading, only the legs can be used.  The head must remain above the surface of the water.

• Swim 20 yards using the front crawl or breaststroke, surface dive 7 to 10 feet to retrieve a 10-pound object, return to the surface, and swim 20 yards to return to the starting point with both hands holding the object.  Goggles are not allowed for this event.

• Starting in the water, swim 5 yards.  Your face may be in or out of the water.  Submerge, swim under water, and retrieve three dive rings placed 5 yards apart in 4 to 7 feet of water. Return to the surface after picking up all three dive rings and continue to swim another 5 yards to complete the skill sequence.  Goggles are not allowed for this event.


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